Achieving Your Goals through Careful Process Development & Project Management

Take your business to the next level with support, guidance, and training from Consulting in Information Technology. We offer a wide variety of services for clients throughout Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas, including project management, process development, and technology planning.

Hands-On Technology Group Management

  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Project Management Training
  • Hands-On Technology Group Management
  • Staff Development
  • Technology Organization Recruiting
  • Startup & Transition Management
  • Technology Planning & Implementation
  • Process Development & Implementation for Technology Delivery & Support

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Success Stories

As the principal project manager for a national quality assurance organization, we were a major player in the sales process of a solutions project worth several million dollars. We were also the acting interim project manager for a QA and testing project for a large mutual funds company. The project had a duration of nine months and involved a mixed client and contractor team in San Mateo, California, and St. Petersburg, Florida.


Consulting in Information Technology played a significant role in developing a kiosk workstation-based automated multi-language public assistance system for a prototype development project. We directed the activities of a unique mixed team featuring both vendors and clients. The product utilized many leading edge technologies (SQL database, touch screen, expert system, multimedia, and imaging) to automate the determination of eligibility for various public assistance programs. The application was the first successful implementation in the US and received national attention.